Muse Nostalgia

Ich habe einen uralten Text wiedergefunden, den ich vor über 6 Jahren mal in einem anderen Forum (@Heinz: Nein, nicht museager 🙂 ) gepostet habe.

Matt von Muse interpretiert jeden Song von Origin of Symmetry. Zu wertvoll, um es wieder verschwinden zu lassen, darum jetzt hier. Originalquelle unbekannt.

NEW BORN – it’s about a semi-fear of the evolution of technology and how in reality it’s destroying all humanity. my fear is that we can’t control it because it’s moving faster than we are, so the song’s setting myself in a location in the future where body is no longer important and everyone’s plugged into a network. the opening line is „link it to the world“ so it’s connecting yourself on a worldwide scale and being born into another reality.

BLISS – this is probably the most positive track, the most truly embracing song. it’s almost in awe of the situation i’ve been given because it’s a state of mind where you give out everything you have without any need to return. it’s also a song aimed towards someone’s youth, someone who hasn’t been exposed to stuff yet.

SPACE DEMENTIA – space dementia is the term NASA used for a long for what happens of you’re left out in space for a long time, because if you truly conceptualise the situation of being there and looking back at earth it can drive you mad. the song’s about a person who’s quite important in my life and who gives me space dementia when i look at them. it’s about being intensly engrossed so that you become obsessive and almost nasty.

HYPER MUSIC – this one really rocks out, it’s really full-on but the lyrics are just plain negative, just pure anger and disregard for affection, the opposite of BLISS. it’s acutually linked to a book i read called „hyper space“ which is about how all the laws of nature and physics combine in the 10th dimension in pure mathematics to form one main theme.

PLUG IN BABY – again, this is about the path evolution can take like NEW BORN. there’s the good side and the bad side; abondoning all individuality, becoming a collective whole via cables and genetically engineering bodies that can exist out in space, or the loss of individualism.

CITIZEN ERASED – it’s an expression of what it feels like to be questioned. i spend more time than most people being asked about my purpose and it’s a strange feeling. i don’t really have the answers and i have to respond on the knowledge i’ve obtained so far but the problem is that it gets printed and someting else has already come along that’s made you completely dissagree with what you said.

MICRO CUTS – this stems from hallucinations i a had of triangular blades cutting into the back of my head. it’s a feeling that information is being infiltrated into your brain. i’d seen a Tv programme about psychological warfare and how the government could be controlling us using a type of radiation, sending pulses to our brains. so micro cuts are cuts into your being that you can’t see or avoid.

SCREENAGER – screenager is a modern teenager being brought up by a screen who develops a distorted image of their body because of pictures in magazines and because technology is rejecting the physical bodies we live in. it’s also a bit about people who cut themselves because i used to have friends who did it and i didn’t know why. i tried to graps that it’s needing something quite brutal to remind you what your body’s about.

DARK SHINES – it’s about some hot girl, a chance meeting someone who you have a connection with. there’s something a little bit dark about her and it’s asking why we’re so desperately attracted to something of dark nature.

FEELING GOOD – the music is very dark and moody but as plain text the lyrics are just cheezy, happy poem, just so amazingly positive and it can make you feel like there’s really something worth fighting for. it is depressing but it’s almost like humanity singing about how good things could be.

MEGALOMANIA – this is directed at what could be god, asking why we should go forth and multiply? whats the point?

Wenn man sich mal ansieht, wie stark der Schwerpunkt auf Zukunftstechnologien liegt und welche Schlüsse er zieht, ist es das reinste Cyberpunk-Album.

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